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Dentistry for Children

At Sunrise Dental, kids are educated and encouraged to practice proper hygiene practices daily. Also ADA recommends parents to take children to dentist at least within 6 months of eruption of baby tooth or no later than their first birthday. Baby teeth are at increased risk as soon as they erupt due to various habits and reasons.

The ADA link for mouth healthy is given below. The link provides lot of information to educate parents and children alike to have a solid and proper dental hygiene routine established at a very young age. It also provides valuable guidelines on how to take care of kids and their teeth and topics to address concerns you may have.

At about 6 months of age, baby will start getting the first set of teeth. Parents need to keep the teeth clean and avoid decay as it become vulnerable to caries as soon as it erupts. Babies will continue to erupt new teeth and by the age 3, normally kids will have 20 primary teeth. During this period parents or caregiver must keep the teeth clean by brushing with tiny grain sized toothpaste. You may also use fluoride toothpaste to avoid decay and to protect the baby’s teeth. The teeth need to be brushed twice daily morning and evening or as directed by the dentist. As the kids grow they need to be encouraged to brush by themselves. Children need to be taught how to brush properly and also teach them the importance of oral hygiene. Children also need to learn how to floss daily to avoid caries and decay when they grow up.

At Sunrise Dental we provide all treatment required by kids and help them understand the various aspects of keeping their teeth clean and healthy.

Starting with the First Dental visit, child prophylaxis, fluoride treatment, sealants, mouthguards, space maintainers, fillings, pulpotomy and stainless steel crowns, we provide all necessary treatment at our facility. First Dental Visit The first dental visit for baby is normally scheduled when the first set of teeth starts to erupt. This could be when baby is around 6 months of age. For some kids it can prolong up to 12 months or more. During this visit, dentist will do an oral evaluation to make sure the eruption of the first set of teeth is normal and will provide advice on how to clean the new teeth on a daily basis. These instructions are to be carried out by the care giver or parent until the child is able to brush and floss by himself. It is recommended to take the baby to dentist every 6 months after the first dental visit.

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