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Endodontic Therapy (RCT)

What is Root Canal Therapy?
A natural tooth has a chamber in the coronal region called pulp chamber. This chamber is filled with nerve tissues, blood vessels and other cellular tissues. The vessels and tissues supply the teeth with necessary nutrients and keeps it healthy. The pulp chamber tissues are extended through the root of the teeth from the jaw.  When decay or caries reach the pulpal chamber, the pulpal tissue and vessels will get infected. The infection will cause the teeth to hurt and feel throbbing pain, if not treated.  When the pulp is damaged and infected, it needs to be removed from the pulp chamber and the root of the chamber where it is extended to the coronal region. The process of removing the infected pulp from both the roots and the chamber and treating with medication is called endodontic therapy of Root canal treatment.
The various steps in RCT includes, removal of infected pulp from both the roots and pulp chamber, cleaning and disinfecting the hollow of the chamber and root, shaping and irrigating the roots, obturation of the decontaminated canals with inert fillings like gutta-percha. Dentist will use small files to drill and shape the canals and remove all infection from the root and chamber.


After Root canal treatment, normally the tooth needs to be protected from fracture and breakage using a crown.

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