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Denture is a prosthetic device placed to replace a missing tooth or a set of teeth and gum.  There are 2 types of denture – complete denture and partial denture.  When a patient is missing all the teeth in an arch, a complete denture can be made and placed. A partial denture is used when some or few of the teeth are missing or are extracted.

Partial Denture
Partial dentures are made when some teeth on lower or upper jaw is still remaining. This prosthetic device is made to replace the missing teeth and thereby works in conjunction with the other natural teeth.  Partial dentures will also enable to hold the existing teeth in place and avoid movement.  Partial dentures could be made with flexible materials to enhance comfort and to give natural teeth color for the teeth.  Partial dentures could also be made to replace a tooth that is extracted.

Complete Denture
Complete dentures replaces all teeth in the upper or lower arch of the mouth. A complete denture may be made before hand and may be placed when all the teeth are extracted. This type of dentures are called immediate dentures. The patient will have teeth immediately after the extraction and during the healing period.  Immediate dentures will need relining within 6 months or a conventional denture need to be made.   A conventional or normal denture is made after the jaw or arch of the mouth is completely healed after surgery or extraction. Normal dentures will need adjustments but are likely to last a long period of time.

At Sunrise Dental we provide denture services to patients who are in need of such prosthetic devices.

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