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Fluoride Treatment

Patients with risk of caries, as identified by the dentist will benefit from in office topical fluoride therapy or fluoride varnish application on teeth during each hygiene visit. Fluoride treatment every six months, will help prevent caries in children and adolescents. Adults with high caries risk will also benefit from in-office fluoride treatment every six months


Topical Fluoride Application
Topical fluoride treatment involves applying fluoride foam to the teeth using a tray. The foam is spread on the tray and the patient would bite down the tray. This will enable delivery of fluoride to the teeth in a consistent manner on all teeth. Normally the trays are held between the teeth for about 1 minute or more up to 4 minutes.


Topical Varnish Application
Topical varnish application takes less time and more comfortable way of fluoride delivery. The varnish is applied using a brush on your teeth and will form a sticky coating for your teeth. It takes less than 2 minutes to complete a fluoride varnish application.

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