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Implant Services

Implant Crown
At Sunrise Dental, we place implant crowns after placement or implant by a surgeon. Patient who are candidates for implant services are provided referral services, consultation with implant surgeon, and prosthetic placement of crowns.

Dental implants are actually a series of procedures used to recreate a missing tooth. The key part of a dental implant is the initial titanium implant which sits in the original tooth’s bone pocket, or alveolus. The titanium works well with the bone and actually forms a bond with it over time, much like the original bond between the tooth and the jaw bone. This is essential as it prevents bone loss that would normally occur with any other type of tooth replacement. Dental implants are capped with a crown, which replicates the enamel or visible portion of a tooth, and in many cases the replacement tooth will work just as well, if not better, than the original tooth. Patient will need additional bone graft if there is not enough bone to place the implant which is done by the surgeon.

Implant prosthetic could be either fixed or removable. Fixed prosthetic is seated using cement or screws and is permanently placed. Removable prosthetic devices (Implant supported dentures) can be fixed using special adapters to hold in place.

Treatment time can vary between patients, depending upon the healing time after initial extraction, bone grafting and implant placement. Typically each implant is completed between 3 to 6 months’ time. The time may be shorter in certain cases, where immediate placement of implant and Osseo integration is completed in short time frames. The timing of each stage in implant services is determined based on the progression of each stage. For further information you may discuss the options with your dentist.

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